Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Liberians in Minnesota

This is the project we looked at briefly in class last night. I hope you will take time to go through it and appreciate how well it's been done. Check the navigation, use of images and typography, and integration of Soundslides. Especially note the skillful editing and pacing of the Soundslides. Make sure you see the introduction. I've noticed it doesn't always play automatically. Of course, you might note areas of improvement, too, and I encourage you to comment on both, whether here on Cronkbyte or in class.

The project has attracted attention within the profession. Mindy McAdams, who writes an influential blog for teachers of multimedia, raved about it. She also offered a point-by-point critique that's a model for how to do such things. Worth a long look. Others posted their own comments to her review.

On a tangent, Nancy Barnes, incoming editor of the Star Tribune, pledges a multimedia future for the newspaper and cites "Liberians" in an interview she did with the paper's reader representative. (I apologize in advance for the thoroughly annoying registration request that will impede your progress toward reading this interview.)

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