Saturday, May 5, 2007

Want some basic Flash tutorials?

If so, take a look at these 10-minute screencasts done by Mindy McAdams, who wrote *the* book on Flash journalism and teaches at the University of Florida.


sonu said...

She makes it so easy to understand. I tried the first one and it truly works!

ljt said...

I sent your comment on to Mindy (why not pass good things along?) and she said that she'd love to know what people who try these tutorials think she should do next in the series. Thoughts?

sonu said...

Off the top of my head..I think if she could see what are the most FAQed questions on her blog or even from students, see what are the most popular pages being made (like we did our resume). She could show examples of how some of the common elements within those pages could be designed using flash or dreamweaver and also some helpful hints. I personally would like to learn how to make simple and fun buttons and sidebars on my own. Tips on things like color and other do's and dont's for a total novice would be great too.