Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Video of Florida student, Taser, Kerry Forum

I read about this, I tsk-tsked, I moved on. A few minutes ago, though, I watched a video of the student and the Tasering (you don't actually see it, but you hear it and you're close to where it's happening) and I must say, it's very disturbing. Makes me very happy that we're reporting online and with more than words these days. This is both more and less than the buzz that's accompanied it. An article from Editor & Publisher is here. The Gainesville (Fla.) Sun uploaded the video, which was made by one of its freelancers, to YouTube. What's even more fascinating is looking at some of the other videos made at the same time, shot at different angles, and also uploaded. For example, this one. If you're allergic to bad spelling, be warned, though. The errors in the word-overs could put you into a coma. UPDATE: Here's a CBS report (text and video) on the ensuing debate.

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