Sunday, August 31, 2008

A story, a latte and a connection

Jodie Mozdzer of the Hartford Courant has a story today on how online-only news organizations are having a larger presence in journalism (fyi: East Hampton is on Long Island in New York):

The Island Traders coffee shop in East Hampton is not a traditional newsroom. It's a relaxed, colorful place with palm trees and bamboo shades, rather than a dingy office with ringing phones and clicking keyboards.

But news flows through this small bistro nonetheless.

This is where Cristina Johnson, editor of the online community newspaper East Hampton Today, often sits with her laptop and notes, tapping out updates on East Hampton politics and events.

Johnson is part of a growing trend in journalism: online-only news reporters. To file stories she needs nothing more than a place to set her laptop computer, a connection to the Internet, and, if she's lucky, a caffeinated beverage. ...more

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