Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Following Helen O'Neill's story...

I just did a Google News search and found one site that packaged the story with many related stories -- many were on your idea list from last night. So my first contribution to this "sighting collection" is from ABC News.The Guardian merely carried her story. And we had such high hopes!

Interesting way to display photos at the Charlotte Observer.

WOAI in San Antonio just shoveled three stories onto a Web page, one on top of another.

Sadly, a paper in Hays, Kansas, didn't even bother with a headline:

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Ashley said...

I listened to NPR several times that day and they focused heavily on the total number of soldiers who died. There was no mention of the immigration angle. After watching that documentary I posted and listening to John Burns, I feel like there are so many untold stories and incredible misunderstandings about this war and all the people involved, soldiers and Iraqis alike. I finally had to take a break from it all as it was too depressing! I think a multimedia story about the untold stories of Iraq is long overdue.