Monday, April 9, 2007

Hero's tale is 'too positive' for the BBC

Supposedly, the BBC dropped this story of truly heroic actions because they thought it would alienate viewers who were against the war. It seems to me that the idea of "Supporting the Troops" goes right out the window if this is true.

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Josh said...

The podcaster from the Hardcore History cast mentioned something that parallels this. He was saying that we still have a hard time creating a good narrative for the Cold War due to a lot of people still alive with strong feelings about it. I think this seems to fall into the same camp. BBC should be able to tell the story of a soldier in the Iraq war without having to say "war bad" or "war good," but too many people have strong feelings that they'll filter the story through.

It also annoys me that they aren't creative enough to figure out how to tell a story within a controversial war without alienating half their audience. There's always a third option.