Thursday, April 5, 2007

New! Easier! Google Mashups!

This just in from Professor Steve Doig who was kind enough to show us the Google mashup technique recently:

Colleagues: Some of you were interested in the Google Maps mashup I made a couple weeks ago showing faculty/staff addresses. But doing that requires some familiarity with html, databases and geocoding.

However, Google has just created a new easy way of doing those, if you're willing to enter your points of interest individually. You can play with it yourself at Click on the "My Maps" tab on the left rail, and go to "create a new map." After that, it's just point and click.

Also, take a look at some of the examples under "Featured Maps", like the locations of all the major league baseball parks. A nicely academic use is the "America's Highway: Oral Histories of Route 66" link. There you see not only the route but also photos and interviews and videos along the way. I can see lots of application for things like that.


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C. T. Sindik said...

I created a map using the new Google map functions but I ran into a problem.

I have my map finished but I can't find any way to make it available to the public. Also, from the links I was unable to find the "Featured Maps".