Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ASU Parking Statisitics

Here are some parking statisitics I was able to get from ASU...

1-3 are from a 2007 survey (I am working on getting the survey)
1. Total number of parking spaces on the Tempe campus: 21,316
2. Total number of metered spaces on Tempe campus: 389
3. Total number of visitor spaces on the Tempe campus: 1,130

4-6 are current as of today.
4. Approximate number of citations issued a semester: From Aug. 06 – May 07 we issued 110, 990 citations (including warning citations)
5. Approximate number of ‘give me a break’ vouchers issued: 3,000
6. Numbers of U-Pass (free buss pass) users: Employees: 2,722
Students: 11,586

Maybe we could get the same statistics for some universities that are somewhat comparible in size?

I am working on getting the 2007 survey. Supposedly they are doing another survey, but I am trying to find out if it will be out before our project is due.

Can anyone think of anything else I should get some facts on?

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