Monday, October 22, 2007

Comment and question about the New Producers

Anderson seems to be saying that the current technology is cheap enough (and good enough) for anyone to make hit movies. This is just false. Movies are shown on huge screens, so the starting format has to have enough information in it to be blown up that big. And decent audio gear (as well as audio sweetening hardware and software, are necessities. Rodriguez may have shot El Mariachi for $3,000, but it cost over $250, 000 to get it screen-ready. The Anniversary party, shot on digital video, cost $50,000 to shoot and 3 times that for post. Just having lights isn't enough, either. You have to understand how lighting works, how cameras work, and good actors usually want to get paid--plus you have to feed them. Most independent filmmakers use a different route--they interest an investor. Filmmakers call it "the triangle"--you can have it good, you have it fast, and you can have it cheap--but not all at the same time. Thoughts?

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