Tuesday, October 16, 2007

del.icio.us SNDies 2007

Okay, if you can figure out what that means, you're definitely in the right class. Joe Weiss, who created Soundslides and helped revolutionize journalism, was a judge in the most recent multimedia competition run by the Society for News Design (hence: the SNDies). He's linked and tagged nearly all of the entries on his del.icio.us account -- and has categorized them into gold, silver and bronze categories.
Let me call particular attention to:
OnBeing, washingtonpost.com
A People Torn: Liberians in Minnesota (this has been cited before in Cronkbyte)
Exploring Antarctica, washingtonpost.com
American Diversity Project: Mississippi Delta
Atacama Stories, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
On the Line: Stories of Economic Hardship in North Carolina, UNC Chapel Hill
The Metropolitan Museum's new galleries, The New York Times
The Fight for Iraq: A Regional Power Play, MSNBC

Train Jumping: A Desperate Journey, PalmBeachPost.com
Events Leading to an Accident, newyorktimes.com
Crisis in Darfur Expands, washingtonpost.com
Is it better to buy or rent?, newyorktimes.com

These were chosen more by my preference than by award, although there are golds, silvers and bronzes among the above. To view by winning category, try these: Gold, Silver, Bronze.
We'll be talking about these in class -- feel free to add more links-of-note from the almost-full list Joe provides.

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