Saturday, October 27, 2007

Collection of parking videos

This is the Illinois State horror film we saw Monday. Following are some of the other examples I found on YouTube. Please add more if you have them (consider this part of our new-age lit review).
At Columbia University, looking for parking 2:18
Parking Services: The Movie The heartwarming story of Richard, a Parking Services employee, as he learns the value of spreading good instead of evil (parking tickets). University of Georgia
Parallel parking device Senior capstone project, University of Toledo
Parking problems at San Jose State University 2:24 (audio problems, but some interview ideas)
You suck at parking, Part 3
Parking Services, University of Toledo 42 seconds
Getting the boot at University of Kentucky(newspaper video; see who comes to the rescue)
CSUN parking problems (money machine won't take money) 44 seconds
DPS at Iowa State(problems getting it to run) 2:20 Poking fun.

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