Friday, November 16, 2007

Online Video Sites Courting Striking Writers

The WGA writers strike is still only a few weeks old, and many shows have not gone into repeats yet, but people are saying the internet will be the place that benefits most from this strike. Not only will it benefit from a possible increase in traffic, but also from newer content. The online video site is inviting striking writers to upload their videos to their site. The online video site is offering $5,000 to the highest-rated video from a WGA member. Could it be that the 2007 writers strike will do for the internet, what the last strike in 1988 did for cable television. If writers can find it possible to make a living in online video, it could be a turning point for the entire entertainment industry. Many comedians, such as Will Ferrell, have jumped on the online video bandwagon because of the creative freedom that they have. Writers may soon feel the same thing.

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