Friday, January 25, 2008

Blogs Coming Out of My Ears

I was turned on to the blogs o' Arnie (seen at left) by a Chicago friend who is a friend of a friend of a friend of his (wow, that was a lot of friends). Anyway, Arnie is an improv-er (as in, somebody who does improvisational comedy, not somebody who makes things better by improving them) in Chicago who has documented the last three years of his life using pictures.

2008's blog is A Year in Pictures of Comedy, documenting a show he performs in and his life in Chicago. Years past include A Year of Working, documenting his arrival back in Chicago from Arizona, where he was living with his girlfriend at the time, and A Year Following the Breakup, which is self-explanatory and actually kind of heartbreaking. He's funny, articulate and self-deprecating, all things I can appreciate in a blogger. You don't have to know the people he writes about to understand what he's talking about...I recommend starting with the breakup one and working your way forward. Considering he's a stranger, reading about his life is highly addictive.

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