Monday, January 21, 2008

Sharing the fantasy

Landon Pigg's "Falling in love at the coffee shop" is the wildly popular song behind the equally popular DeBeers diamond video ad now making the rounds. Spinner, a blog that focuses on music, has some of the background here.
Those of you who are want to know how to embed videos -- it's easy, especially if you're getting them from YouTube. At the end of the video or in a box near the video there are "boxes" where the embed code is displayed. You can cut/copy and paste that code into the message box of this blog. Save and publish. But here's a further refinement: If you want to reduce the size of the embedded video and still keep everything proportional, you have to change a couple of things in the code. The dimensions for width and height are in that code. This video started out at 425 for the width and 373 for the height. I've replaced those numbers with 275 and 200, thereby reducing the size. If you go to YouTube to look at it, it will be larger.

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