Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gawker in flap over Scientology video

I can't embed the video from YouTube because it's been pulled, as it has been from other sites. Scientology officials protested its airing with a copyright infringement notice. Gawker, a staffed media blog (managing editor Nick Denton oversees two media reporters and four bloggers), decided to keep a copy of the video available on its site as something newsworthy. One thing to note on Gawker: there are links to previous posts as well as to information on other sites. Some of the traffic to Gawker (there were 1,597,036 viewings as of this morning when I pulled up the page)has been sent there by another blog, the Videologist. Its story is here. And some traffic was channeled to Videologist by AOL News's promo on the AOL welcome page. There are many other links and traffic patterns, but that's the one I followed.

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