Thursday, March 8, 2007

Another Opinion on Blogs!

I wonder if John Carroll's views will be any different than what we have been reading for our summaries.

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sonu munshi said...

To me this sentence below is the key. While it's true the Net is omnipresent, it is for those who have access. The power of the Internet is being discussed by those who have the access. Let's find out what people without acess and for many, even knowledge of its existence, think of the way the media is headed. Is it changing their lives in some way too?


"The advantages of new media for the public, says Carroll, are obvious. With everything available online, the public has "control, customization, and immediacy." The downside of all these options, he says, is "that there's complete overload." Also, he notes, "there's expense involved. You have to have a computer. You have to subscribe to an Internet service."