Monday, March 26, 2007

What J-students should know --

By Ralph Braseth
* A new skills set is demanded for the best jobs and for leadership positions.
* The days of five clips getting a student a good job are over at major media outlets.
* The best jobs out there require a strong knowledge of journalism and technology.
* A digital portfolio will become commonplace.
* Students who can shoot photos, video, collect audio, edit and post to the Web will have employers knocking on their door.
* Students must have a better sense of the economics and business of media.
* Media must embrace the computer science/engineering and business disciplines.
* Every student should be a serious blogger.
* The pace of change is quickening.
* New media is not a fad, but a fact.
* Entrepreneurship in media is needed desperately.
* Marketing, advertising and PR are way ahead of journalism in adopting innovation.

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