Friday, March 23, 2007

New From 'Roanoke Times': A Web Site Called 'BigLickU'

The Roanoke Times, which we talked about being one of the pioneers and leaders in online media, has launched a new Web site called Big Lick University. The site is a resource for students attending college in the Roanoke area. It provides information on everything from where to get a haircut to social networking opportunities.

The link in this post's title, there is a link to an article about the site. Apparently Big Lick is the old name for the Roanoke area and not something they made up to be hip with the college crowd.


chris.winston said...

Thanks for the mention.

Big Lick U is yet another attempt by The Roanoke Times to do something else new and exciting in Southwest Virginia. We hope we can be as successful and well-received as previous new ventures.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. And for the record, Big Lick U appears to be BOTH the former name of Roanoke AND cool and hip with the college crowd.

Chris Winston

ljt said...

Hi Chris,
I'm in your state for a few days at the Virginia Press Association convention (I used to work for the Pilot and my husband runs the VPA competition). I'll keep an eye out for some Roanoke Times people and let them know you're famous in Phoenix. How did you find us?