Sunday, March 4, 2007

Moving Politics Online

Some of you may have seen this on the news today (Sunday). Ann Coulter recently made a rather offensive comment about John Edwards, who in turn is using that very comment by linking to her video with those remarks to raise campaign money. Another twist to furthering politics online!

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C. T. Sindik said...

The first I heard about this story was on the noon broadcast on channel 12 today. They bleeped Coulter's slut but I found a video (short) of the LIVE broadcast:

This was at an event put on by the National Conservative Union. I'm not really supriseda about her comment becasue she wants to be on the far far right. She gets alot more press than she would if she only said "middle of the road" comments. She's louder than most and get more attention.

I am disturbed by the reaction of the crowd as they laugh verbously. Would the same reaction been given if she was to talk about Barack and the N word. I hope not. Either way she's going to get some spotlight for her comments.