Sunday, March 18, 2007

A little early for politics.... but the ad is cool!

This story is about a a "groundbreaking" Internet ad supposedly created by Barack Obama's supporters targeting Hillary Clinton - it's basically a remake of Apple computers "1984" Superbowl television ad.

It's interesting because the political advisors straight out say - "The ad is proof that anybody can do powerful emotional ads... and the campaigns are no longer in control. It will no longer be a top-down candidate message; that's a 20th century broadcast model."

Here is a direct link to the 74-second ad:

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Greg Taylor said...

An interesting comment from the consultant. Maybe it’s my pessimism, but I wonder how much of that is actually true and how much of it is the campaigns working behind the scenes. By using other groups/people/organizations to do things like create these ads, you can avoid spending the campaign’s money, avoid fundraising and clean elections laws, and say things that the campaign might otherwise be criticized for saying. See Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.