Saturday, March 24, 2007

Those 51 seconds of the (wrong) Edwards story

In less than a minute, an inaccurate story was posted on, screengrabbed, posted to a blog, and sent on its way around cyberspace. Relying on a blog entry (single-source info) that Edwards was suspending his campaign, the post went with the story. CNN picked it up and went with it. So did other news organizations. But they didn't pick up on the corrected story quite as quickly. CJRdaily has a nice deconstruction as does mediabistro.

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sonu munshi said...

Going along these lines, what about sites like, that publish anything, and are assured enough airtime on cable. Isn't there a danger of these sensationalistic powerhouse outlets posting something insidiously incorrect, but other media outlets playing along, just because it's the done thing?