Friday, March 16, 2007

Soundslides -- Matzo, might and moxie, canine style

I really like this one (Making Matzo at the Model Matzah Bakery) from the Democrat and Chronicle, a Gannett paper in upstate New York. (Why "matzo" and "matzah"? Singular and plural?) And another recent one posted to Joe Weiss' forum is from the Navy: 2006 Year in Review. It has awesome pics, a good pace, and does the Navy know drama or what. I have a problem with the cutlines/captions, though -- I find them intrusive and opted to close them down fairly quickly into the show. That's an ongoing problem, but it could have been helped by editing out information that didn't communicate, such as the photo ID numbers. They could have been available on a linked list, for example, or in a special credits slide at the end. So, with my little peacenik dove wings itching a bit, I decided to take a look at a bowling puppy courtesy of two people at The Northwest Herald: Jack Russell Terrier Zoe. Awwww.

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