Friday, March 2, 2007

MSN Messenger takes on blogs

I got an email through my hotmail account earlier this week about how the MSN beta is now offering blogs or what they call Windows Live Spaces.

Here's what the text of what they sent in the email:

"Now you can easily share your stories and stay connected by publishing your Windows Live™. Spaces blog entries right from Windows Live Mail. Get started by going to Options from your space, and selecting e-mail publishing. Enter up to three e-mail addresses and either save entries in draft form or publish immediately. Then create a new e-mail with the name of the blog entry in the subject field and the content in the message area. Send the e-mail, and you're good to go!"

If you go here:, they also post "spaces of the week" with a photo and brief profile of that space. Only one of my friends has a space, but he didn't have a thing on it so I don't have much more info to give. But you can check it out....

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