Friday, March 2, 2007

MTV - Virtual Community

I was watching MTV's The Hills on Monday night and saw a commercial advertising their virtual community so I checked out the website thinking it would be relevant to this class. Here are the basics of what I found:

You can join the online virtual communities of MTV Central, Hills Central, and Laguna Central.

Part of the goal is to stay updated on what's going on with the characters in these shows and to get to know more about the people and communities where these shows take place.
The draw? MTV lays it out clear as day on the site, "Don't just watch the Hills. Live it! Meet cast members, take part in challenges, watch episodes and bonus footage, get to know other fans, and so much more."

You sustain yourself in the community by purchasing MTV$, the official currency. "You can purchase MTV$ with any major credit card and use it for stuff like buying a hot outfit, renting cars and decorating your crib. You can also earn MTV$ by completing challenges, winning contests, and leveling up your status! "

There are so many other things you can do, but this sounds similar to some of the virtual sites that have been talked about in class.

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