Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Free TimesSelect and the 2nd Kristof contest

Some of you may have followed along as Casey Parks
blogged her way through a trip with Nicholas Kristof last year. If not, there are links to that (and the multimedia stories they filed) on the contest announcement page.

Of more immediate use, the New York Times said today that TimesSelect, the online premium coverage, is now free to students and faculty with .edu addresses. So enjoy! I've been hoping they'd do this for years!


Cam Qu├ębec said...

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sonu said...

I was going to post that too. I meant to apply last year, but visa hassles prevented me. Will give it a shot this time. I've always admired Kristof's work. And yes, the Times Select thing is SUCH a blessing. Now we can read those columns for free! Yippee!

(The Cheapskate) :-)